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High Resolution 3D Backgrounds 3D Wallpapers 3D Wallpapers 2012
High Resolution 3D Backgrounds 3D Wallpapers 3D Wallpapers 2012

Origins of MY SOULS INTENT adventure

Just a little over a year ago I was gently nudged to begin yet another destined and promised soul journey….one that would merge the sacred and ever humbled gifts I have infinitely cultivated even prior to arriving in this current 3-dimensional illusional time and place …Those of ┬áserving as a dual Universal Scribe/Poet and those of serving as a Life spirit Coach/Counselor/Mentor/Student/Guide.

I began each of these preordained roles very very young … as I found human language and as soon as my words then caught up with ┬ámy Souls Intent in conjunction with my 6 senses! Amidst each of these gifted roles I have continued to strive, thrive and be my own master within my vast accumulated trials, lessons, deep valleys and blessed peaks.

I hope you will lovingly review my scribed works and share your thoughts or initial reactions there in as I will humbly/equally do for you and your surely upcoming inspiring works. My writings come from deep within my most tender heart and soul with a mere purpose behind my aching need to share the vast divine love and compassion within my SOUL (to forever keep)… as well as inspire if I may….NAMASTE dear fellow Universal Scribes and Wounded Healers/Guides!!!

I love you all from the deepest crevice of my SOUL! Thank you for joining me on this next new profound and exciting soul-sharing-journey! Forever shine on… shine on ever bright and far dear loving learned peers!!!! XXXX

sending you all of the very very best of my loving n healing light from me,

Barb Peterson MS

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