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It Be Here I Find You Near

It Be Here I Find You Near
As your moon ever gently
tugs and pulls
My star’s light combusts
amidst a brilliant sharing
oh so full

As your garden forever blooms
within a glitter of purity
ever absent of others
impending doom…

It is here found the essence of
shared joy and forever matched
gestures oh so veiled

Is here I hold you
most so ever near
Far beyond the concepts
of time and distant space
It is here I hold you oh so
forever near…

One soul amongst two
so willing hearts defined
When your voice speaks
of pure and simple truths

It is here that I am most near
as my heart listens
ever so intently

It is here I am
near and most
fine tuned

Infinitely a mix of humbling
gifts to forever resonate
within our adjoining souls

…it be here that
I am most near…



Bold and Standing Free

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I stand bold for all to behold
under the ever orange there under
I stand tall never intent to surrender
My soul’s toes are dug deep
within all truth to yet unfold
I bask in every display of wonder
as I side step the inevitable of
all of life’s matched blunders
I bathe in my tears lest forever drown
in our soul’s accumulated sorrows
I flow lovingly n effortlessly
amongst each new gifted waterfall
I am forever bold and standing
free for all to yet behold….



My Souls Intent Blog Intro

High Resolution 3D Backgrounds 3D Wallpapers 3D Wallpapers 2012
High Resolution 3D Backgrounds 3D Wallpapers 3D Wallpapers 2012

Origins of MY SOULS INTENT adventure

Just a little over a year ago I was gently nudged to begin yet another destined and promised soul journey….one that would merge the sacred and ever humbled gifts I have infinitely cultivated even prior to arriving in this current 3-dimensional illusional time and place …Those of ┬áserving as a dual Universal Scribe/Poet and those of serving as a Life spirit Coach/Counselor/Mentor/Student/Guide.

I began each of these preordained roles very very young … as I found human language and as soon as my words then caught up with ┬ámy Souls Intent in conjunction with my 6 senses! Amidst each of these gifted roles I have continued to strive, thrive and be my own master within my vast accumulated trials, lessons, deep valleys and blessed peaks.

I hope you will lovingly review my scribed works and share your thoughts or initial reactions there in as I will humbly/equally do for you and your surely upcoming inspiring works. My writings come from deep within my most tender heart and soul with a mere purpose behind my aching need to share the vast divine love and compassion within my SOUL (to forever keep)… as well as inspire if I may….NAMASTE dear fellow Universal Scribes and Wounded Healers/Guides!!!

I love you all from the deepest crevice of my SOUL! Thank you for joining me on this next new profound and exciting soul-sharing-journey! Forever shine on… shine on ever bright and far dear loving learned peers!!!! XXXX

sending you all of the very very best of my loving n healing light from me,

Barb Peterson MS

Webpage: http://