Mantras to Self and to the World

I have the roar of a lion inside of me. I will not shy away from change. I will face whatever change comes my way with courage and strength. I will push the boundaries and break the borders in purs…

Source: Mantras to Self and to the World


Mantras to Self and to the World

Mantras to Self and to the World

Your sharings here have left me utterly breathless as they and you are priceless indeed and and a most cherished gift to me and all the UNIVERSES!!! Namaste awesome scribe, healer and soon to be new Mother of one whowill no doubt be yet another incredible being to grace our worlds!!!! NAMASTE blessed SOUL! xoxoxoxo

The Russian Wanderer

I have the roar of a lion inside of me. I will not shy away from change. I will face whatever change comes my way with courage and strength. I will push the boundaries and break the borders in pursuit of exploring the unknown. I will take a sledge hammer and dismantle the pillars of my belief system to allow room for a far grander structure to arise. One that is more dynamic and is subject to change at any time. A structure made out of flexible materials that can change into any shape or form imaginable. One that craves expansion and growth but can be completely wiped away in a second. I will not confine myself to the idea that I am only the form I see in the mirror. My energy is strong and my power to create is limitless. I am a healer with endless love to…

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Illusions of lifetimes

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Time has illusively stood still. Our infinite inner core of love and peace if allowed permeates within and around everything. This is where one’s personal spiritual journey leads to and from…

Everywhere… yet nowhere at all. A mere mist of both this and that… which is presently arising from each of US without effort. We already are what we have been seeking….and what we seek is in fact seeking us….

We are the essence of life itself; beauty, energy, light and all-encompassing love…yes that we are… that we are…the essence of light, love, and unbound energy… hugs to each of you dear dear lovin peers!!! )) Journey onnnnnn xoxoxox

Much love beautiful friends


Barb Peterson MS

Honoring My Souls Intent


For each door which be sealed tightly closed, lies a dozen other wide open doorways just awaiting our gifted arrival!!! Be vigilant in what is put in front of us to merely NOTICE!

In making choices that resonate for you … you become aware of the vibration of life around you. Patience allows you to observe, to listen to your Intuition — your guide to the vibration of your senses.

As your awareness of your true surroundings increases, you may find your Self, becoming more watch-full. American Native Elders say that when this happens you are becoming self/soul aware … aware of timeliness in what comes toward you, and in what you send out…

Forever, be mindful in following your SOULS Intuition. Allow it to guide you on your journey. Choose to focus on the quality of your SOUL’S journey, rather than on achieving some set forth destination.

Discovering the quality of your journey — your life’s vibration — is discovering … your SOUL’S intended choices ! Your choice of authenticity is a mere portal to opening the doors to your strength of purpose … your true relevance.

Each step you take upon the path of your Souls original Intent becomes deliberate, a conscious Choice. And with each, all of your senses are awakened. Your entire Be-ing becomes Aware!

This is your connection to Nature and the infinite energy abound!
Your body rises to the vibration of all the loving light energy around you as you become more attuned to your Self. As you notice more … you find there is more to notice. Suddenly, you are not ‘short’ of time … time is perfect for you!

Celebrate your patience through intuitive driven choices! Awaken through both gifted intuition and inspiration! Follow your SOUL’S infinite gifted intentions!!!

Barb Peterson MS

Spiritual Life Coach

Journey on…dear Souls


Journey on…dear Souls

Let all encompassed and gifted accumulated
know hows embrace the inner depths of your
ever insightful thirsting soul…
Journey past all the early n ever learning messes
towards all that be meant for our like kind…
yes, oh yes, journey on….
Forever following that gifted intuitive bright
light and inner shine put forth for all to
infinitely embrace n follow…
Allowing us to forever be the best
that we were meant to be, now and
into infinity…
Recognizing once more that our life’s
passions are merely the gifted overflow
of love spilled forth from one’s heart…
Journey on ever gracefully, with a full
heart filled with unending wonder and
blissful majesty for all yet to come…

My Soul Journey

My Soul Journey

My journey started while I was a very young youngster. I always had this very intense knowing that there was/is something “else”, something that I am universally in line with, something bigger. This constant nagging took me quite a few years to sort out considering I grew up in a Christian God fearing home where God and the Bible were not questioned.

So after my teens, I had an unfortunate experience within my then inbred/inherited catholic church’s doctrines and it’s core beliefs. This “unfortunate experience” turned into the greatest of blessings, as it prompted me towards a further in-depth spiritual research and discovery process!!!

I then went on to study psychology and was a crisis/trauma counselor as well as a patient/family healthcare advocate for many years, counseling whoever needed or came my way for any sort of guidance. Personally, my journey was one step at a time, and I , as the forever student…needed to learn a new way of thinking and experiencing life!

Following much reprogramming of both generational and early childhood ingrained shame, blame, and negative thinking…I settled into a new positive focused mentality and lifestyle, which is yet one of my cornerstones of existence. From that space, I am able to take on more or less anything, and my understanding of life has profoundly changed.

I have also embraced the conclusion that a good way to learn is to take on the challenges as they come and then learn the universal principals/wisdom connected to that particular problem. This was the only way I was able to learn and change my prior less serving space. I functioned much better when I was able to sort out one issue at a time and understood why it was there in the first place.

What made these lessons interesting was that, when you understand your issues, you can embrace them; and if you embrace them, you then recognize them at their core. The thing with issues is that they come around more than once in our lives: Once to learn and get to know them, whispering “please get this the first time…” and then thereafter only to reemerge to gently remind us once again of them. So it uniquely depends on you… how many times you choose to learn a particular lesson.

Most important in my current 3d world, is my great desire to want to grow in all of life’s facets; and from this place of strong desire, I lovingly guide. I can tell you all the challenging things that happened in my life… However, at the end of the day, I feel that I started living the day I chose to forever grow. Life prior to my now well developed “new life” is of no consequence.

If you feel that I may assist and guide you in any way on your journey, contact me, and I will gladly serve…

Barb Peterson MS
Spiritual Life Coach

When Our Eyes Speak

      When Our Eyes Speak

No room for illusions nor clutter
when our eyes finally take heed
and capture the essence
of life’s gifted eternities

With eye’s wide shut, all truth
emerges, all masks dissolve
amidst our early programmed
elusive nonrealities

Eyes which reflect the cosmos
of our infinite beginnings serve
as gateways to our ever
gifted soul’s intentions

Ever shouting over the white
incessant noise of our past n
ever present nonsensical
musings of the shaded

When these loving gifted
eyes refocus deep within
our soul’s bright lights
we whisper…
we speak…

then sing in unison
our songs of old…