Your sharings here have left me utterly breathless as they and you are priceless indeed and and a most cherished gift to me and all the UNIVERSES!!! Namaste awesome scribe, healer and soon to be new Mother of one whowill no doubt be yet another incredible being to grace our worlds!!!! NAMASTE blessed SOUL! xoxoxoxo

The Russian Wanderer

I have the roar of a lion inside of me. I will not shy away from change. I will face whatever change comes my way with courage and strength. I will push the boundaries and break the borders in pursuit of exploring the unknown. I will take a sledge hammer and dismantle the pillars of my belief system to allow room for a far grander structure to arise. One that is more dynamic and is subject to change at any time. A structure made out of flexible materials that can change into any shape or form imaginable. One that craves expansion and growth but can be completely wiped away in a second. I will not confine myself to the idea that I am only the form I see in the mirror. My energy is strong and my power to create is limitless. I am a healer with endless love to…

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